Drum & Bugle Corp Major

Florence Pollock Carrollton comes from a long line of Monroe natives. Her ancestors built the big white house up on the Hill, once on a plantation in 1832. Flonie grew up on Walton Street, and later moved to the house on the Hill with her family after her grandmother died. Her father, Marshall Pollock, was an attorney and owned large areas of land in Monroe. He sold the land to create “the circle” on Walton Street in 1957 and the land behind the house on the Hill to create Pollock subdivision. Flonie was the first Drum Major of the Monroe Girl’s Corp and among the first class to graduate from Monroe Area High School after 12 years, as previously the school only went through grade 11. Flonie was crowned Monroe Area High School homecoming queen in 1951 and again in 1952. After graduating from UGA, she married Monroe native and UGA football player, Billy Carrollton. They moved to Douglas, GA where Billy found a teaching and coaching position. The couple returned home to Monroe 14 years later to open a floor-covering business together. After Flonie’s mother died, she and Billy and their three children moved back into the house on the Hill for four years before selling the family home to the Williams family, and returning to Walton Street.